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Jan 2, 2020

Welcome back to the Nick Taylor horror show! Today’s episode has Tara Wood. Tara is the director of the Quentin Tarantino Documentary, QT8, the First 8. Prior to this she did the Richard Linklater documentary, 21 Years: Richard Linklater.

The movie covers Tarantino’s career from 'Reservoir Dogs' to 'The Hateful Eight', and features sit down interviews with multiple actors and collaborators and collaborators to get to the heart of who Quentin Tarantino is as an artist and a person. 

I had a field day with this movie - Tarantino is a Christ-like figure in my life, so watching this was pure bliss. 

There are interviews with everyone from Michael Madsen, Eli Roth, Jamie Fox, Samuel L Jackson, Larence Bender, Bruce Dern, Tim Roth, Zoe Bell, Diane Krueger, Lucy Liu, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Christoph Waltz, Kurt Russel, and the dearly departed Michael Forrester and many many more.  

Available on demand everywhere. 


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