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Jan 21, 2021

Monsterforge is an extremely exciting new production company specializing on monster related media across films, animation, games, comics, and even toys!

Monsterforge was founded by 30-Days of Night creator Steve Niles and artist/animator Shannon Eric Denton. The company is brand new, having launched in November, so I wanted to catch up with the guys about the founding of the company and what Monsterforge has in store for us all. I will give a heavy nerd alert up front because both of these guys were a blast to talk to, and we all geeked out pretty heavy on a number of things, including The Mandalorian. BUT, we get a really solid understanding of what it takes to launch a monster centric production company. All of this and so much more on today's episode of The Nick Taylor Horror Show. Now, please give it up for Monsterforge founders Steve Niles and Shannon Eric Denton. 


Produced by Simpler Media