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Mar 28, 2019

Eric Pham is a director who started his career in visual effects. Throughout the course of his career he worked extensively under the great Robert Rodriguez on such films as Spy Kids, Grindhouse, and Sin City. Eric also did work on Lethal Weapon 4 and Mission Impossible 3.

His newest movie, Flay, is a nightmarish thriller about a supernatural entity of an ancient native American shaman who reeks bloody havoc on the people who summoned him. Flay stars Alita : Battle Angel's Elle LaMont.

Eric also faced quite a bit of heat from Sony due to the resemblance of his character to Slender Man, who they had the rights to. Eric actually fought back against Sony and took the entire thing to court! They ended up settling but, long story short, Eric was an indie filmmaker who went against a major studio to fight for his film - he got his movie released 2 years after wrapping and Flay is now set for an April 2nd release on Amazon, iTunes and other streaming services.


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