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Dec 17, 2020

Here today, we have the president of Blumhouse TV, Jeremy Gold. Jeremy manages Blumhouse's portfolio of scripted and unscripted TV series, documentaries, and streaming movies. Since coming to Blumhouse in 2016, Jeremy has expanded the Blumhouse brand beyond horror content to explore not only genre material but also dark, provocative subject matter.

Jeremy has worked on such projects as Sharp Objects, multiple films under Blumhouse’s Welcome to the Blumhouse series and previously worked on such major TV hits as Hell on Wheels and Kingdom. Jeremy's upcoming projects include the Showtime limited series The Good Lord Bird, based on the novel by James McBride and starring Ethan Hawke, and FX docuseries A Wilderness of Error, from Marc Smerling, based on the book by Errol Morris.


Blumhouse as a business is very fascinating, and since it’s important for horror directors to be exposed to the business side of filmmaking, I’m going to open the interview format up to include not just directors & creators, but executives who work in horror as well. This interview with Jeremy is a great starting point for that and should provide a very good executive perspective on Blumhouse, specifically their TV department. I’ve said multiple times that as an aspiring filmmaker, Blumhouse TV is definitely a company to keep directly on your radar because they are giving a lot of new and emerging directors a chance to direct features and TV episodes through Blumhouse television.  



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