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Dec 6, 2018

Tony Todd is a deeply beloved horror icon with a well earned place among the pantheon of horror actors like Robert England, Kane Hodder, and Gunnar Hansen. If there was a horror Mount Rushmore, his face would certainly be on it and it is entirely because of his soulfully terrifying performance as Candyman in 1992.


Nov 20, 2018

Joe Bob Briggs has been entertaining horror enthusiasts for over 30 years, and now with his latest server-crashing, internet-breaking Shudder marathon, The Last Drive-In, he has brought in a whole new legion of fans. His humorous anecdotes mixed with an encyclopedic knowledge of cinema is a magical combination that adds...

Nov 15, 2018

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We all know him best as Tig Trager from Sons of Anarchy, but between 2016’s Officer Downe, Canada’s gangster crime drama, Bad Blood, and the gritty western epic, Godless on Netflix, Kim Coates is becoming more and more of a household name and truthfully, I couldn’t be...

Nov 8, 2018

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King Cohen  is a fantastically fun documentary that tells the larger than life story of the prolific writer, director, and producer Larry Cohen, the creative genius behind such beloved horror classics as It’s Alive, The Stuff and Q – The Winged Serpent.

In addition to being a...

Oct 31, 2018

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Here’s a recap of Doyle’s key takeaways for musicians (and artists of any kind)

  • Do you. Don't get too caught up with (music) theory. Doyle knows 2 chords - that’s it. A 30+ year career entirely built on 2 GUITAR CHORDS. But, as you can see, you can do...